Whether you have a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction or Poland Syndrome, our handcrafted breast forms, made in the USA can fit your needs. Virage Breast Forms custom products include complete and partial breast prostheses in various styles and colors, individually handcrafted to restore symmetry and natural appearance.

All of our custom products are individually handcrafted, giving each woman a natural, custom fit. The chest wall contour is captured through laser scanning so the breast form fits like a puzzle piece and hugs the chest wall. Virage Breast Forms come in skin tone options, nipple designs, and nipple colors.  You can handpick the color and size of the breast form, including the nipple. This means you will have an expertly fitted breast prosthesis that is perfect for your body.

We have created our custom breast forms to fit most strapless & commercially sold bras.  The waterproof breast form material is supple and moves with your body. The form can be attached to your chest wall with our unique patented design for extra security, if desired.  The back of the breast form wicks away moisture and lifts it above the skin. The form is custom-made to ensure a perfect fit despite healing patterns and surgical depth. Regardless of what procedure you have undergone our breast form products can be handcrafted to fit your body and look exactly the way you want them to. Virage Breast Forms are designed to be an affordable option for women who want to feel like themselves again.

Your Virage Breast Forms will be specially delivered to you in our custom box with your own satin bag for travel and storage. Our hope is that your breast prosthesis will be a gift that keeps on giving, allowing you to transition back into your normal daily activities with ease.

Virage Breast Forms are covered by most private insurance providers.  Efforts to have Virage Breast Forms covered by Medicare are ongoing.

Virage Breast Forms is proud to be associated with ContourMed, a provider of more affordable breast form inserts that can help any woman feel like herself again. Staying within a budget is important to any woman, and with the high quality breast form inserts that ContourMed provides you can definitely feel comfortable in your own skin at an affordable price. The breast form inserts from ContourMed also come in various shapes and colors. Check out their product choices here:

The Technology

Virage Breast Forms has created patented processes for making the absolute best, anatomically accurate breast prosthesis available on the market. Harnessing state-of-the-art laser scanning and 3-D CAD/CAM technology with our patented handcrafted processes, Virage Breast Forms creates the most life-like look and feel custom breast prostheses available in the world.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to create amazingly realistic breast prosthesis for incredibly deserving women. We understand that undergoing a mastectomy or related procedure can be difficult, which is why we are proud to create breast forms that allow women to feel comfortable in their skin and return to what is most important to them: family, friends, and favorite activities. Virage Breast Forms are a solution that gives women peace of mind in their transition back into daily life.

You can be fitted for Virage Breast Forms approximately six months after surgery or sooner, depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

For your custom Virage Breast Forms, a consultation with a Virage Breast Forms representative will be scheduled, followed by a 3D laser scan. This simple forty-five minute scan is used to manufacture your custom forms.

Contact us today for information about scanning, costs and convenient payment options.

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Custom Breast Forms